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Winter Travel-Chains


During this time of the year, travel in the high country may require special skills. So when the snow hits the fan and you need to chain up; are you ready?

It is a good idea this time of year to carry your chains, from fall to spring. Do not depend on your 4wheel drive doing it all and not needing chains. Do you know the in’s and out’s of putting them on and how to drive with them? You may, but does your spouse know, if you are injured or sick and they drive, they need to know a few things.

If you pull a trailer and your trailer has brakes, you need chains for the trailer as well. I prefer chains over cable type, they don’t spin and have more surface area to grab, see what is available for your vehicle.

Prepping CAN keep you from a survival experience!

Here is a short video for more information.

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