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Winter Travel-Bug Out Bags


If you have your Bug Out Bag complete and stowed in your vehicle, then your probably ready. But when was the last time your went through it and are your ready for the current conditions?

As we all experience, each season brings it’s special needs and your bag must adapt to the new threats. Winter means cold and potential hypothermia. At least twice per year you should review each bag and change up say…clothing to fit the climate. You don’t need your winter clothes in August or shorts in January. If you don’t have your bugout bag ready yet, here is a link to the PDF from The Red Cross on things you need to have with you for winter travel in the meantime: RedCrossWinter storm preparedness tips

Now check your vehicle, the last thing you want is to be testing your survival skills when preparation would alleviate that.

  • Chains and Adjusters
  • Windshield washer solvent
  • Full tank of fuel
  • Cell phone
  • Road Flares
  • Good spare tire
  • Oil and Fluids topped off
  • Snow Shovel
  • Ice Scraper
  • Road map of area

When we travel in the winter, even if it’s just a couple of hours to see friends, I make sure my Bug Out Bag is in the truck. We will then get my wife’s BoB out of her car so we each have our 72 hour kit with us. Just because you travel doesn’t mean that disaster took a vacation. On our most recent trip, we saw two cars upside down because of road conditions so don’t forget to pack your brain!! Slow down, you’ll get a more harmonious outcome…

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