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Where does WISE foods fit in my Preps?


Wise has been running a special for August and let’s see how this fits in with our total preps!

Wise has become the frontrunner in the dehydrated emergency food market, because they have a good product and great marketing. The nice thing about this, we save money on the deals they put together. Now you can and should have your long term foods in 5 gallon buckets. Things such and rice, beans. wheat, milk….. and the list goes on. These are foods to use when the event seems longer than your BUG-OUT BAGS will handle or your near term foods are being used.

So your FOOD LADDER should start with your PANTRY if you are at home, your BUG-OUT BAG if not. These are the first line of feeding yourself and your family.

Next on the ladder is NEAR TERM foods. These are foods that you copy can and fit the “eat what you store and store what you eat” description. We use the Shelf Reliant can rack. It rotates food for us, all we have to do is put the date purchased on the can. Now your NEAR TERM would be used just as if you went to the store when the store shelves are empty. We pull from this supply to feed ourselves. You can do the same thing by moving food oldest to front of a shelf and new to the back.

Now we jump to the LONG TERM foods. That is where we open up the buckets of food. So the stores have been closed for some time and we now are 100% self reliant. Our only means of getting more is trading for it, here comes the barter!

Now when we look at the entire FOOD LADDER, we need to think about supplementing it. In your PANTRY, you will have the basics to prepare meals. Your BUG-OUT BAG has one pot or one bag meals, MRE’s and dehydrated prepared foods. You need these prepared because if your working from your BUG-OUT BAG, you got bigger fish to fry, so concentrate on that and not a meal. In the two choices, MRE’s have a heater that allows you a hot meal, dehydrated foods do not. So in my bag is a mix. I have two MRE’s and two days of WISE Meals. This allows me to choose when to break out the stove or not to and I prefer to eat the WISE by far.

WISE can also fit it and we should think about storing it as well. During an event, you may need to take trips, patrols, anything that gets you away from your NEAR and LONG TERM foods. Wise fits this nicely and gives you something good to eat. If you also get into eating only your LONG TERM, you can supplement meals with WISE, it would be a nice break! Think in terms of breaking a bucket of WISE into smaller meal portions to take afield.

So here are some deals you should think about, there is a week left in this current sale and ends on the last day in August. So click on a banner take a look and see what fits your needs. I do like the Basic Package, it’s two months for one or one month for two, or the premier which is one step up. Either way you can break out individual meals from the packets.

Also, remember that water storage goes along with food storage!

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