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Welcome to the Practical Prepper!


I want to say thanks for logging on to my site and hope that you find something that interests you, if not please ask and I will do my best to add content. My plan with this site is to offer you preps you can do no matter what your backround or situation. Simple things done every week is the key for overall preparedness. Now let’s not get caught up in the prep, prep, prep, prep that gets monotonous and UNFUN real quick. Let’s find the easy ways to prep but let’s not forget to have FUN and ENJOY LIFE, that is why we are here! So more to come and again, WELCOME.

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2 responses on “Welcome to the Practical Prepper!

  1. where can i find the large mylar food storage bags and the bag sealer,,, thaks… baby

    • Vic says:

      On the main page of my website, there is a Gear Shack tab. Click on that and go down to Food Storage. The sealer and bags I use are there. These are the 5 Gallon bags to use with the buckets.

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