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To: SFC William K Lacey – Thanks is not enough

25 May 2015 / Category: News, Our United States  0 comments

On this day I am looking back at a young man that I did not know but knew of


William K Lacey was attached to the Blue Spaders, 1-26th, Apache’s out of Ft. Knox. So was my son Michael. They were deployed together to the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan in 2014. There was an IED attack by insurgents that led to a 40 minute battle in which, William held off attackers until forces could rally and then, he met his fate. Just 38 years old and his second time in the sand box.

The story of this event came from my son, who I am sure would have been one of the fallen.

Thank you for your sacrifice SFC Lacey, sleep well soldier. And thank you to ALL whom have given the ultimate sacrifice.


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