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Time to Raise our Voices about Gun Control!


So Biden was on the news last friday. Says he’s talked to the gun lobby (NRA and GOA) I assume. He mentioned that they were not much help, now he’s talking to actors and video game companies in Hollywood. Is this shit for real, yep. The Obama administration knows he has to strike quickly to get all they can on gun control and they are moving at light speed. We, the people need to move quickly as well.


If you are not a member of either the NRA or the GOA, it’s time to join with these groups, these guys are on the front line for us. I do not always agree with some policies of both groups but I believe you join and then work to change what you don’t agree with, but this is not the time for that. We need to close ranks, be on the same page and show our rejected officials just how loud we can get. Just like the home team in the stadium, GET LOUD PEOPLE!

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Start the emails and calls to your elected officials, the clowns you voted for and state your position. Now hold the adrenaline rush down so your message does not look like your yelling through the keyboard. Be civil, be nice but be direct, this is just business. If you are going to quote something, note the source and make sure of your information. Statistics can say what you want them to so the source if very important.

Ruger has a quick website that will take your information and then add it to emails to congress, here is the link:

You can get information on your congressmen and senators, NRA has a tool to help:

Beyond keeping the pressure on our numb nuts in Washington, we need to watch the Obama Administration for the “back door” he will use and raise our voices when this happens. This door is “Presidential Orders” and Government Departments that enact ordinances or regulations. All of these will for example, add taxes to each round of ammo, enact a fee for this and that, it’s all subject to the imagination and do the same thing, reducing the second amendment from a right to privilege.

Now lets talk about high cap magazines for instance. So we ban anything over 10 rounds….this way, the murderer has to work harder and takes more time to kill as many. With any practice, you can swap out 10 rounders quickly and keep up a high rate of fire, so it’s not the magazines. But if they start with the magazines….next all semi auto firearms, as Feinstein wants now. That total ban will not get through Congress, they don’t have the votes. Jack Spirko has an opinion that they are not going to get a complete ban, they will trade off and get less, which is what they are really asking for. I agree totally with that position. When you negotiate you set what you want and then ask for the moon, after much of “looking out for the American people”, you reach a “GOOD” compromise. You got what you want for now, and can start making your case for more. I have a no compromise position on bans, they just don’t work. There were laws against having a gun on campus, they broke that. There is a law against murder, assault and child abuse, those were broken. So what does one more law or ban do….not a damn thing.


Now not ALL of this is Obama, although Obama has always felt that guns only belong in the hands of law enforcement and the military. His view of this country does not include firearms ownership and if we remain armed, the rights as laid out in the bill of rights remains alive. The others to watch is the entire media complex. These people have figured out that whey wield great power, they can make someone a superstar overnight or destroy then just as quickly. I cannot count the talking heads that suddenly are experts and use their pulpit to decry the rights as laid down by our founding fathers. If I have to hear “For the Children” one more time, I’m gonna scream.

We need to look at ways to minimize this from happening again, but its not limiting rights, it’s holding people responsible and protecting what is dear to us. You cannot legislate crazy, or evil and you never will. We need to stop putting people in “Safe Zones” and have them remain defenseless. The person who attacks at these locations is a coward and wants no confrontation, often taking their own life as first responders arrive. At a recent mall attack, a ccw holder confronted the armed murderer as his weapon jammed, without the ccw holder firing a shot, the intruder took his own life, GOOD. Where is mental health in helping the people not gain access and get help before it ever comes to that. Is this the Mental Health department’s responsibility or is it all of society’s? Do we as the community need to recognize and get someone help and not “let someone else or the county” deal with it.

There so many options and ways to help, let’s really talk instead of pushing agendas, we have enough of that in Washington with the debt and fiscal cliffs!

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