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Time to celebrate our countrys Independence!!!


Another 4th of July, another year our country has survived!

Even with our schedule of relocation, just wanted to tell everyone “Happy 4th”! Although there is turmoil in our country on just about every front, this is without doubt the ONLY place on the earth I would call home. I , as many others have, fought for this country in our armed forces, marched in the streets in protest and raised our voices to right a wrong or to get our point across, it is this basic right and many others that make this land the greatest on earth.

This our founding fathers knew was the basic right of all people in this country, not just citizens but all people who are here. This is why people all over the world freely demand the same rights as we enjoy here, everywhere. Our first settlers from abroad were from England and after a time realized that was not the type of government they wanted and created the first country based on personal liberty, rights and the rule of law. Given that free men/women could speak their minds, own land and have the ability to protect and defend same.

Our country is not perfect, the elected officials often stray down the wrong path and we put our noses under the tents of others where it does not belong. These are OUR issues and outsiders need to stay out of our affairs and let us put our house in order. This we can do.

I ask you, on this day to take time to reflect the journey this country has been on, and the road ahead that needs repair. Given the fact that Americans are a resilient bunch, we will meet those needs head on and with our voices raised high. I raise my glass with you and affirm: God Bless America.

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