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The Preparedness Privy


So the topic no one really wants to deal with, the bathroom! When the disaster hits, it’s one of the more important one’s because waste in whatever form MUST be dealt with for health concerns, so let’s look at this.

Let’s take the scenario that you don’t have water and are Bugged In. If you are using the toilets in your home, you will be using precious water to move the waste down every time you use them. This may be water that you don’t have.

Next, your emergency is to your local region, say an earthquake. You can stay at your house but all water, power and communications are cut off. So we find ourselves back at the water issue, no water no flush.

If you find yourself in the mountains or unimproved areas without facilites, you will need to provide your own. So we end up with two choices for all of the scenarios; build or bring your own facilities. Have you ever dug a latrine? Properly done, it’s work you may or may not have the time and energy for. The other option is the bucket brigade! I have for many years as an outdoorsman used the Luggable loo as “the facilites” all over the world. In our Alaska camp in the middle of wilderness, there it was the luggable loo.

These two products have given the outdoorsman and aid workers more options to bring facilites where they are needed. The most revolutionary product has been the gel packs. My hunt partner last year used these as he likes his tent when we hunt elk in the late fall in CO. He was amazed at how well the combination worked. They will hold quite a bit and every few days you seal the bag with double seals and put in the garbage for disposal. A possible nasty task made easier.

One option if on a budget is to get the Loo, it’s fairly cheap. Then use the 3 mil bags that contractors use to line the bucket and place the lid-seat over the edges of the bag. To keep odor down use lime (calcium Hydroxide). Otherwise known as Slack Lime or S Lime, this kills bacteria that cause odors and health problems. A 50lb bag of lime at Home Depot or Lowes is about 8 bucks. That will last several events since you use such a small amount to “sprinkle” about. Another option that does cost a little more would be chemical treatment that is commonly used in the trailer and motorhome holding tanks. That funny blue stuff that covers odors. It’s more expensive than Lime by far but another option.

If you are using the Loo in your home, just place it in the bathroom and there you go! If your out of doors, you may want to invest in a privy tent. They cost about 40 bucks depending on where and what you buy but they offer the timid more comfort. And let’s face it, comfort at a bad time should be cherished and encouraged. During an “Event”, the whole world is upside down and especially with some gals and kids, this really helps.

I have a very old Luggable Loo that has seen years of service. In recent years they have made minor improvements, our next purchase is a new Loo, two boxes of double Doodle’s and some lime. We will keep our Loo will two boxes of DD bags, 6 more contractor bags and a 2lb coffee can with lime inside ready to go (no pun intended). This will be very portable for us.

Even in troubled times, even Thomas Crapper would be proud! Oh, and stock up on toilet paper….



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