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The Food Forest Begins!!!


Folks, I have been absent from getting new stuff posted because we have been putting so much into the starting of this work. I had always planned on putting in an Orchard and it just seemed that doing it the Permaculture way was the right choice. Sustainable and growing is the design the ideas are endless.

So here are some pics to show the staking and layout and some of the work done yesterday the 20th. I have a ton of video of this project and a BIG thanks to my designer Neil Bertrando from PT Permaculture here in Reno NV. Our design is based on Geoff Lawtons work in many arid parts of the world with lesser soils than we have. We are expecting great things.

Below is the spillway and Swale staked and flagged. Ready for the Exavator!

Spillway in orange stakes, Swale in Blue flags

Spillway in orange stakes, Swale in Blue flags










2013-03-20 13.48.39






We actually had time to dig what we call the Toe Swale, the one along the hill above the main swale to extend the amount dug. The greatest thing to hear from the operator….this is the best soil to dig in he has seen in the last 10 years of digging. The soil reports I had done confirm that and there were NO rocks, NONE. This soil is going to produce well.

More to come on this project and others for the homestead. Chickens are ordered and oh yea, gotta build the coop and run…. I do owe you folks a couple of DDP reviews and I will get those done.

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