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The First 72 Hours of Food!


So now that you’ve bugged out, let’s look at some scenarios and how the food you brought fit in.

Let’s start with the serious: List 1

  • Earthquake
  • Flooding
  • Tornado
  • Power Outage
  • Epidemic

Now the Not As Serious: List 2

  • Local Fire
  • Local Gas/Chemical Leak
  • Local Unrest

The reason to look at these causes is the effects that they will have on how your preps operate. What infrastructure do you need to help take care of yourselves vs what is available.

List 1 will limit the resources you have to rely on or draw from, List 2 would be more inconvenience and probably still have many more resources to draw from. So we can divide our food into two categories, those that need heat and water and those that do not.

My recommendation for bug out food is ease of prep, tastes good, is portable and can be heated. In rough time and especially with children, familiarity is a good thing. Hot chow is better than cold chow, a little hot chocolate vs water…you get the idea. So I see two options, freeze dried/dehydrated or MRE. I use both and would recommend the same. So instead of 3 days food, I carry 4, keep reading and you will understand why.

Let’s start with Freeze Dried, probably something that anyone who has backpacked or camped has made or at least tasted. Mountain House is probably one of the largest manufacturer’s. Wise brand makes their line of food as well and although I have not tested it myself, have heard good things. I suggest that you get samples, check online, I know that Wise will send you a free sample to try. Don’t let anyone tell you to BUY THIS cause I use it. Whatever food you choose, your entire family must be able to eat it or it’s money down the drain and in a survival situation, a real problem.

The next one are the MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat). I use these as well and for a couple of differences from freeze dried. They can be heated with a fire or stove and don’t need water for the main course. The market for these has exploded with civilian manufacturers making some very good product. Make sure you get meals with Heaters. These heaters use a very small amount of water to heat an entree, but it does take a little practice to see how this works. They keep for about 5 years in the right temperature range like most food does. I have included a link to a great website that does nothing but explain MRE’s, everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask…

Freeze Dried Links:


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