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    To: SFC William K Lacey – Thanks is not enough
    25 May 2015

    On this day I am looking back at a young man that I did not know but knew of William K Lacey was attached […]

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    A Thank You to the Troops for Veterans Day!
    11 November 2013

    I would like to honor and remember all those who have served our great country! Veterans day is the one day that we can […]

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  • US Flag
    A Day to Remember the Troopers!
    27 May 2013

    With all of what the TV tells us today is, we need to take today to remember those who sacrifice in service today and […]

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    My Son returns from Afghanastan with the 1st CAV MB 1
    15 April 2012

    Watch live streaming video from 1stcavdiv at Just wanted to put up the homecoming for the 300 soldiers with the 1st CAV, MB […]

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