Skills and Gear for Self Reliance and Homesteading

    New Flock-New Coop
    27 May 2015

    Growing anything generally means you need more room Well it’s no different with chickens. We started a new flock of the size we wanted […]

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    Time to Cleanout the Chicken Coop
    18 February 2015

    We waited to long to do this but with the spring/winter weather, time to git er dun! We use the deep litter method with […]

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    Nesting Box Build-Get Ready for EGGS!
    25 September 2013

    So the chickens are doing great and now, we need some nesting boxes before breakfast is delivered! With our birds hitting the 5 month […]

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    Gotta have Chickens! Our Coop and Run.
    18 July 2013

    If you homestead and are self reliant, chickens are a must have. Here is our Coop and Run now finished and the occupants are […]

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