Skills and Gear for Self Reliance and Homesteading

  • Robinson R44
    Doomsday Preppers Review – December 11th 2012
    20 December 2012

    This week we have 3 preppers with their concerns and solutions. Now we have some rodent and worm eaters, not my idea of fun […]

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  • Backback
    Poll Results for “72hr/Bugout bag Completion”!
    12 December 2012

    I ran a poll on December 4th and gathered the results, so let’s take a look. It actually surprised me since in my opinion, […]

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    72hr/Bugout Bag Rework
    4 December 2012

    I have decided to re-look at my entire 72hr/bugout bag and contents and get a list of items and gear that really make sense. […]

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    MRE’s, Watch The Date Code!
    30 October 2012

    I was going through some of our stores items now that the move is complete. I found about 30-40 MRE meals that I have […]

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    Book Review- Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag
    15 October 2012

    Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag- Your 72-hour Disaster Survival Kit Author- Creek Stewart                               Betterway Home Books 2012                      208 pgs          Paperback and Kindle versions […]

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