Skills and Gear for Self Reliance and Homesteading

  • vhf-uhfradio
    Wildfire Preperation and Evacuation
    14 July 2014

    How to prepare your home, yourselves for wildfire defense and evacuation So here is the topic for June 11th, 2014: [audio:] We have many […]

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  • TreehouseBugOut
    Finding A Bug-Out Location
    5 May 2014

    I want to introduce a contributing writer to our site, Welcome TWP! Here is an interesting article on how to find that location or […]

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  • Esbit Stove
    Portable Stoves – Light, Portable and Work Anywhere
    3 October 2013

    When you are on the move or must cook indoors, these are the GO TO stoves! There are many options out there when it […]

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    Alcohol Fuel Stoves
    14 August 2013

    This video is great presentation made by Steven in our Northern Nevada Prepper Group on Alcohol Stoves. If you have thought of other fuels […]

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  • Shop at
    Couple of Great Sales Goin On!
    4 April 2013

    Two things popped up this week and if you are doing any stocking up, take advantage of these. Ebags is having a 20% off […]

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