Skills and Gear for Self Reliance and Homesteading

    72hr Kits
    16 March 2015

    How to put a kit together without a lot of pain! This presentation was done by Rob McKevitt with our Northern Nevada Preppers Group. […]

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    Goal Zero Guide 10 Kit – Review
    30 January 2013

    I picked up this kit last year and with the move to NV and all, never got around to a review. I am adding […]

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  • Canner
    Bucket or Can for Food Storage?
    28 January 2013

    Our very enthusiastic group of Preppers were fortunate enough have one member, get us the ok to go to the local LDS Cannery, and […]

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  • House on Cliff
    Doomsday Prepper Review-December 4th 2012
    18 December 2012

    This week, we have 4 preppers and 3 scenarios. As usual, we get some items that I agree with and are just sound opinions […]

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    Doomsday Prepper Review-November 27th 2012
    10 December 2012

    So this episode was a little different, covered really one family with a second as an addition to the “compound”.  Our main prepper is […]

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