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Swale Update Spring 2014

17 June 2014 / Category: Gardening, Homestead, Video  2 comments

Just thought we needed an update on how things are doing!

Take a look:

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2 responses on “Swale Update Spring 2014

  1. Wayne says:

    Very impressive – you’ve got to be proud of how things are coming in. I don’t envy having to build the 6′ foot but it’s obviously doing the trick. It appeared you have quite a bit of mulch on your swales, did you have to add more or is that from last year and your chop / drop? Hope you get some decent rains to fill those swales.

    • Vic says:

      Hey Wayne,
      Well thanks for the comments, I am liking the results. It is tough getting the water right, it’s tricky due to humidity and wind but I think I am figuring it out. This is why it’s so important to get your garden or orchard started where you live to work out the kinks. The fence is done, subbed it out and they did a great job. So far the 6′ is working, will keep our eye out though! The mulch on the swales now is a combination of chop and drop from last fall and wood chips. I just did a partial chop and drop to open up the area around the plantings and to provide more soil coverage. I would love some rain, we are just finishing a water collection and redistribution to the swales and would love to see it work. Our rain events can be 1″ per hour and that work was to prevent erosion. Thanks for your comments, take care.

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