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Swale Update! 7-15-13 Overgrown and then some


Here is an overdue update on our swale/food forest project. A viewer (Corbett) on our YouTube channel asked me to get an update done, so here it is.

Just a quick overview if you have not seen what we are doing. The plan was to have a fruit and nut orchard here at the homestead, now a year old. After a lot of looking at HOW to implement that, it was decided that we need to do what the land needed first. So water is king and Permaculture methods were the order of the day. By doing Swales, we put the orchard in the center of the food forest.

We planted a cover crop in the swales when we built them and have been harvesting food from them now. Daicon and Sugar Snap Peas are two we have a lot of. So we are establishing that food source with trees and bushes now. There is so much to learn with this method and the new location of low humidity and mile high elevation do tend to bend the preconceived notions all to hell.

So here is our latest video with the progress!

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