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Survey! How do we plan our prep’s?


Hey folks!

We are throwing this survey up to get some information on how to make our Food Storage and General Good Storage list’s easier to use. The one thing I have learned is that the easier you make some things, they will tend to get less resistiance. With prepping, planning is great but execution puts the items on the shelf.

So if you could take the survey, we will publish the results in one week. Also please feel free to add comments in the post notes and we have left open lines with the answers for you to add your answers to.

How do you plan your purchases of items for your Food Storage or General Goods Storage?

What is your budget for purchases each month to your preparedness?

What do you use to decide how far your food storage will last you and/or your family?

What is your largest hurdle in getting more done on your preps?

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