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Spring Planting 2014

30 April 2014 / Category: Gardening, Homestead  0 comments

So we are in the season of renewal and that means we got work to do!

For us, going to the Loping Coyote Farms sale starts the year off. I have looked at what I wanted to add last year and could not get the plants and what did not make it through the winter. Some varieties are harder to tell because they are late season trees but others, well you just know.

Our main damage was Deer, some by rabbits but the deer just killed several trees. The just love to chew on em like a dog bone! Of all the things we did to stop it, it just continued and spraying every week or laying down bone meal is just a pain in the ass and frankly, I got lot’s and lot’s of other things to do. So the fencing project will begin next month, we just decided to put up a 6′ and see what happens. After that if we continue to have issues, we will add to the top of that fence or do something to deny access. We will have video on that and some reports on how it works.

But here are my thoughts on what we are doing now:

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