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Solar Power Presentation


Steve with our Northern Nevada Prepper Group gave us a presentation on his solar system.

This was great to see Steve’s installation and get insight into how it all came together. Also heard about all the bumps along the road including payback time and local concerns. Thanks to Steve for imparting his experience and knowledge on Solar for you house

Alternate energy is one topic that we cannot get enough information on. With the high cost of power from the utility company’s and the want and need for more self sufficiency, it goes without saying that we need to look at alternative ways to get power. Now solar is still expensive to do and there are ways to mitigate the cost somewhat, but it’s still a big chunk of cash to git er done.

The bigger question for preppers, may not be the reduction in monthly bills but what happens if it just all quits working? What if there is not one more amp available at our house? What then Skippy? That’s what we as preppers need to think about and come up with solutions. We all bitch about when Uncle Sam has his hand on our wallet and our lives, maybe in some areas, we can find a way to thumb our noses to those in the District of Criminals. We can take care of ourselves, our families and our neighbors and to not give Caesar any more coin….

So here is Steve to give his thoughts on Solar:

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2 responses on “Solar Power Presentation

  1. David Malin says:

    I’m watching the Video Presentation which is fantastic. He’s showing a book that was handed out. Looks like it was duplicated. Do you by chance have it available electronically?



    • Vic says:

      I am sorry but we don’t have that electronically. It was a hand out for the group and we are out of them. I can tell you that most of the information came from one great website:
      They have a lot of great information and will the video, I hope that helps and good luck!

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