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4 May 2015 / Category: Animals, Homestead, Skills  0 comments

Ok, so I took a line from a movie but have you ever outgrown your brooder?

So our new flock of birds adds up to 28. Brooder we started them in should have been fine, BUT. Weather and other factors are slowing my completing the new main egg layer coop. At the moment, the roofing perches and painting are the last items to complete. BUT, if you can’t get them to the new place and your birds are going nuts in a too small space, you need an EMERGENCY BROODER.

So you run out behind the house and grab 8 pallets and some screws. Then some plastic netting and bungies and Wala, your in business.


The idea is to give me time to finish the coop and have the birds in a good place. This actually worked out so well I wish I had done this at first but we had tables with our starter plants where the brooder is.


I butted the pallets together and used two three inch screws to hold them together. For a door, I used one pallet with two bungees on one side to act as a hinge and then one to hold the door closed and prevent escapees. It works well.

I used the plastic netting we have or garden uses and stapled it to the pallets to hold it in place. Some openings on the pallets are just to large for sub pullets birds.

The water is a nipple waterer, which I get them onto asap. This saves us lots of time and their new brooder with have one 5 gallon nipple waterer inside and one outside. Not shown is the hanging feeder that I moved them to from the long pans used as they were young chicks.

So all in all, built in less than an hour and working very, very well!

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