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Reno NV Winter Wildfire


On our last trip to NV, which will be our new home, we followed a fire that occured due to negligence pure and simple. Two nights before we got into town, our real estate agent had to run a fire roadblock to get to his house and fight to save his house. He watched his neighbors house burn across the street but could do nothing about it. From his account, the Fire Dept showed up to his house while he was at work. They gave his wife and kids 3 min to get out.

So we preach having the bug out bag and staging the items you want to take in an emergency.  Let’s take a look and what they, or in this case she, had to follow through with. They have 3 kids, 2 dogs and a cat. He was at work across town and the family was home. An elderly man in  the Washoe area, dumped his BBQ coals outside as he had probably done many times before, until now. Winds in the area were very heavy clocked at 50mph and up. Once those coals hit the ground cover, the fire flew across the desert.

You don’t think there is much in the desert to burn, but after watching the video you may change your mind. So when the Fire Dept showed up at the door they had 3 min to get out. They did have the cages for the dogs and cat in the garage and they were able to grab them quick. The animals took the 3 min to get caged, she grabbed the kids, a couple of jackets and took off in the truck. No time to grab valuables or important papers and they had no bug out bag.

Luckily they had family about 20 min away and she got everybody there safe. At the high point, 10 thousand people were evacuated from their homes. Many could not return for at least the day and my agent’s family in that area were out 3 days. Of course the house has major smoke damage so it’s not very pleasant to stay there.

It amazes me that some in our prepper community are ready for TEOTWAWKI, but the it’s the local fire that may kill em. Be ready and please remember that PREPS stop SURVIVAL situations!

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