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Relocation with a Plan-Our Plan!


So the decision is made, move and start our homestead! Returning to the days when we took care of ourselves and neighbors and wasted nothing, when family was king and community meant something. We were looking for that place where we can ride out the times that come, be they good or bad. Where we can also enjoy LIFE, hell that’s what were here for! First we have to understand ourselves that the move MUST happen for our future and those of our family members that at some point may need our help.¬† Let me walk you through our decision checklist and how that list changes as you refine your plan.

With the decision made to leave the city, for us, the socialist state of CA and the SF Bay area to go east to the high desert of Nevada. Decisions for Preppers and Survivalists have a different twist, we live the lifestyle and have a higher level awareness than others. Once the general area is nailed down, the old saying that the best place to live has 3 things in common, location, location, location. Leaving an suburban area next to an urban environment to the outskirts of a smaller city seemed the right decision. Also to stay close to family and friends was very important. I believe that if you are not doing things to increase and improve your Freedom and Liberty or you are loosing it. Aaron Lewis talks about this and the flags we will fly over our land:

Relocation for many can take many forms and reasons, job relocation/offer, school, health or a special needs. Sometimes you can combine reasons for the best of both. For us it’s being closer to the land, have animals and work at self sufficiency. In looking at properties and what we needed them to have, the first list looked something like this, not in any particular order:

  • Private Well
  • Septic Tank
  • Propane
  • Wood stoves or Pellet stoves
  • Minimum 1 acre
  • Not within walking distance of shopping
  • Neighbors
  • Good South facing area for gardening
  • Room for production Animals and Horses
  • Security
  • Multiple means of egress close at hand
  • Close to Public Land Hunting

As we searched areas, we spent days online getting information and then visiting areas to get to know them. During this time, we were able to narrow down the yes and no’s of possible places that looked good. During this, we noticed we were drawn to properties with some commonalities¬† that had not thought of. Many of these were “on the fringe”, that is they were on the edge of neighborhoods. These often had BLM land adjoining them which offered recreation and hunting. We found patterns of what we were looking for and one we had not really thought an issue.

The more we looked, we realized our cell phones did not work in areas, ok, no biggie. But with that, it also means no internet but what Satellite can give you. The first areas we looked at were very rural with 10-20 acres. With this comes the lack of neighbors, that can be a blessing and a curse. The realization that we needed Internet was topping the list, hell it’s what I do! We took that for granted and found that was a big mistake. I also reexamined my thoughts about neighbors. Being from a suburban area, I wanted some space and was hell bent on getting it. But I do believe that the sole survivor will not make it, the groups or neighbors will. When times get tough, having neighbors that will help hold the line, could be more valuable than gold. Having a neighborhood that could be closed off to outsiders bears a look at as well.

So we didn’t want neighbors close but we needed the Internet. Our NEW plan now took on another list of priorities and looked like this:

  1. Cable Internet
  2. Private Well
  3. Septic
  4. Propane
  5. 1 acre minimum
  6. Room for Animals and Horses
  7. South Facing areas for Gardening
  8. Wood/Pellet Stoves
  9. Security
  10. Neighbors
  11. Close to public Lands to hunt

With our list refined, our search narrowed to specific searches. This makes it clear what you are looking for but also let’s a lot of properties go by. As we continue to search and look, we have just missed a couple of perfect places. We continue to look and will have faith the place will be found this year. With our kids grown and on their own, we are free to pursue this dream and carve out our piece of the west!

So what is YOUR story? Have you or are you planning a relocation? What are your priorities?

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