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Ready Made 72 Hour Kits-Just Say NO


If you are new to prepping and have been looking around to see what’s available, you have seen all kinds of ads for ready made disaster bags. Now I have some very strong opinions, so do what you feel is right, but I cannot stand these things and I wish they were not sold!

There must be 25 different name brands, not to mention the knock off’s by famous luggage makers, UGH! They all advertise Grab N Go kits that will take care of you for 3 days, my ass they will! These are made for profit, not for really taking care of people, not really. I could not, in good conscience sell this bag. If I could see this being used by my own grandchildren, then I would sell it with pride, but not the one’s I have found. I did see one at the Self Reliance Expo in Salt Lake City last year that may have some legs, I will check and let you know.

For the most part, the items in the kits are useful, but they are the cheapest quality except for the food bars and water, those are Coast Guard approved and a decent product. A typical 1 person kit, for 3 days would have the following for about $25 bucks:

  • (1) N-95 Respirator
  • (1) Emergency Thermal Blanket
  • (1) Emergency Poncho
  • (1) Metal Whistle
  • (2) 12 hours light sticks
  • (6) 4oz drinking water pouchesĀ  (5 year shelf life)
  • (1) 2,400 calorie food bar
  • (1) Personal First Aid Packet
  • (6) Moist Towelettes
  • (1) Rugged Carry Bag

Now take a close look at this list, it should make you cringe, laugh and then cry. People at the expo were buying the hell out of these things. There is so much missing that I just feel the fear of the person who has to use this and then, and only then discovers there is not much there.

So let’s think about what’s missing:

  • How do you start a fire?
  • Boil water to make it drinkable?
  • Do for water, you should have 1 gallon per day minimum, I suggest 2 gallons
  • Food, how long do you think you or your kid’s will eat this?
  • First Aid Packet, that says it all. Not much to use there.
  • Only light sticks for light source…. you must like the dark.

Now I want you to go to the FREE INFO page and get the PDF “Bug Out Bag“. Read it and make your own kit up. The quality of what you will buy will be better and choices will be yours. You are the one person that needs to use your bug out bag and all it’s contents, not the idiot who packed some kit in china…

So get out there and GET IT DONE!




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2 responses on “Ready Made 72 Hour Kits-Just Say NO

  1. Bill Zimmerly says:

    What “TOOLBOX” page?

    • Vic says:

      My apologies for that error. I had an issue with the site and changed it to “Free Information”. I did not realize the number of times I referred to the “Toolbox” in past posts. Thanks for pointing that out, I have changed it back to clear that up.

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