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Poll Results for “72hr/Bugout bag Completion”!


I ran a poll on December 4th and gathered the results, so let’s take a look. It actually surprised me since in my opinion, this is where you start to prep, not down the road but FRIKIN now folks! This is the base that everything has to come from, you need to survive the first 3 days, during which you get your longer term plans up and running.

So the answers were:

  • 50% Have not even started.
  • 17%  Need help with Gear
  • 17%  Need help with Food and Water
  • 8%   Are ready to go
  • 8%   Need help with general Gear

Now the question is what can I do to help you get this accomplished? In looking at the answers, it looks like Gear, Food and Water are the items that we need to look at, well that’s most of what’s IN a BOB. So the good and bad is that if you haven’t started, your not alone….


As I had mentioned, I am reviewing our kits and making revisions, changes that I use in the practical application but have not changed in my current list or load out. I will be putting up that list so you can see it along with some video to help as well. So if you have questions about specific items, comment or drop me an email and let’s talk about items and see if we can, together, get this completed. We cannot help our community, friends and neighbors until we have taken care of ourselves first! All preparedness training will put YOU first, so do that for yourself, TODAY!


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