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Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt


I saw this video, actually I saw Alex Jones and Piers Morgan first and had heard that Piers had insulted Larry Pratt and had to go see it. Now after seeing Alex go off on Piers, which I did enjoy, mainly because Piers deserved it I think we have a larger problem. If you have not seen this, you need to. I borrowed this video from RonPaulCC2012 at You Tube, take a look. I know why Alex came off so hard on Piers (although I do think Alex lives in the twilight zone”. If you look and how Piers insults and treats the interview with Larry, that’s not an interview it’s an execution. Piers is more than insulting to Larry, last time someone talked that way to me, he was on his back spitting up blood. Larry handled it so well, better man than me! Larry as the president of Gun Owner of America (whom I am a member) has always told it straight and honestly, I have great respect for his resolve and restraint.

People like Piers Morgan are here, people who have their own viewpoint based on their country! I don’t mind other opinions, when we stop talking and sharing opinions, we have Nazi Germany again, but there are basic principals that Piers seems to know nothing about. He was thrown out of England for making up the news, hmmm sounds familiar. What worries me about people like Piers is that they only know how America should be and any other ideas contrary to that are wrong. Similar to Obama, who loves this country, the country he wants the US made into, his vision or shall I say, his fathers vision. Well some Brits thought that back in the day and well….we sent them home. But the larger concern with Piers and those like him is the foothold and integrity which the American public have given him and continue to do so.

Now Piers comes off in the interview however your opinion falls, either a great man or and idiot that cannot follow the principals of the constitution, namely the 2nd amendment, they don’t have those across the pond eh? Well I follow the latter, we have a second amendment and that’s it. If you read the Declaration of Independence, you will find one country singled out with which we address our changes, Britain. Now I don’t have a problem with most Brits but when they come over here and want our country to look like theirs, well that’s fighting words…This is the USA and not any other country on the face of the earth.

Now is the time for all of us to raise our voices with our elected officials and tell them in no uncertain terms; we won’t go slowly into that goodnight!! Tell them we WILL expect them to follow the constitution including those pesky amendments in the bill of rights. We need to offer suggestions not just demand no gun control such as Arm Teachers if they want to, drop ALL no gun zones and put one well trained special security officer with police powers in each school. We will never stop evil from doing what it wants but we can mitigate it’s impact.


Now is also the time for all of us to take stock of ourselves, familes and communities and do what we can to shore them up and make them stronger. When tyrants come to the village, they need to see and feel a village united!!!

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