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Our First CSA!!!


We have been wanting to do this for several years, support our local farmers. We were working in the garage the other night and a young man walked up to my wife and I and introduced himself with a local CSA.

Well, long story short, wer’e in! Got our first box and full of nice vege’s, potatoes, peppers, grapes and apples. Although our peppers are still coming off, our leaf vege’s are not ready. The stuff is first rate and organic. Our rate is $31 per box and it’s a pretty large box. I understand that fee may be a little high compared to other area’s but in CA, everything is expensive.

It’s called if you want to check them out here in Northern CA. We have not planted an extensive garden for winter due to our preps to move out of CA (hurrah)¬†at some point.

So go support your local CSA’s and for the guys who think gardening is for women….frickin grow a pair! Men have been putting food on the table for say…centuries!

All for now, Vic

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