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One Pistol, Multiple Calibers


I will make no appearance of hiding the fact that I LIKE GLOCK!

My EDC (everyday carry) is a Glock 23, 40cal. Now I like a variety of handguns, my wife shoots the XD9 and just loves it. She tested several and then picked that pistol for her use. I will admit that the trigger on the XD is absolutely great! Now I also shoot 9mm, 45acp in a Springfield 1911, 44 mag and 480 Ruger to name a few. They all serve specific purposes and are used at different times.

Given all of that and the fact that at the present time, all is fairly normal in gun and ammo land. There is plenty on the trees for the picking. Now let’s back up the the 2008 election of almost 4 years ago. Ammo was so hard to get, you got to feel what prohibition must have been like. Whispers of primers and powder just got delivered to the gun shop….You ran to your truck, drove to the store and bought 5000 primers. Oh the good ol days!

So what if that happens again and ammo comes in short supply again? What if there is some SHTF or TEOTWAWKI event and what we can get for ammo is just that, whatever we can get? One pistol that shoots one caliber may be a liability. If you have the opportunity to think forward, what if the same gun could shoot different calibers? Again, this is why I like Glock’s.

In Glock’s, XD’s and Sig Sauer’s, you can change calibers and use the same frame, some are more cost conscience than others. Let’s look at the Sig Sauer lineup first. There are several caliber changes available, mostly 357 Sig to 40 cal, most kits require a barrel and slide change-out at a cost of @ $370.00. Now onto the XD line. The XD 40 can be changed out the 9mm round, the conversion I like most. Pricing is reasonable at @ $160.00.

Glock has the most extensive lineup for their pistols I have found. All conversions require the barrel changeout only, no slide changes. If you look at the models and caliber changes, all are 40cal, .357 Sig or 9mm. Again the one I like the most is 40cal to 9mm. The 9mm is one of the most popular rounds in the world, used by military, police and civilians in the millions of rounds/year. So it’s also the most plentiful and also carries a smaller price tag with it.

Barrels like those from Lone Wolf and Storm Lake will give you good duty in the alternate caliber you select. The Glock models 27,33,23,32,22 and 31 can be converted to 9mm. Models 33,32 and 31 can be converted to 40S&W. Models 27,23 and 22 can be converted to .357Sig. All will need to use the magazine designed for that caliber, so buy a 9mm for the model 23 when converted.

Now we can get carried up in the 40vs9 argument and debate this all day, but that is not my point here. I like the 40 because I will take a bigger, fatter bullet any day for stopping power. There are days that I will carry my 1911 and live with a smaller mag capacity. It’s a lot bigger and fatter…. The point of this whole exercise is to stop and think about your options. The main differences in cost per box of 50 rounds is about 3-4 dollars at So at 200 rounds at the range, about 15-18 bucks difference.

But that’s not the only reason, cost. As I mentioned, what happens at the next ammo shortage and all you can get is 9mm, no 40 to be found?


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2 responses on “One Pistol, Multiple Calibers

  1. Robert Lamb says:

    Medusa M-47, will shoot 9mm up to 357 without changing any barrels,

    • Vic says:

      Thanks! I really want as many things in my preps to do multiple functions, that’s another good one! Who makes the Medusa?

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