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Not about Survival, it’s about the WATER!


So it’s not the zombie apocalypse, its not TEOTOWAKI and it’s not a financial collapse, its WATER!

It’s not a situation that you needed to have an outdoor survival class on. It’s thousands of folks without water for many, many days. This IS WHAT WE PREP FOR. This is the everyday event that can happen anywhere, and we need to have done our work, planned our self reliance to take care of ourselves. Just as snow blocking a pass for 5 days, putting the 3 day food at the stores gets stressed.We prep so as not to panic.

Thousands will be without water while they repair a 54″ water main. Looks like the District of Criminals will also be affected.

Here is the story from CBS: Water Main Break

Now to see if you are affected, here is an interactive map: Map of Affected Area

If you really want to see what happens the day before the main shuts down, just watch the crappy evening news, they will have the mayhem….they always do. You will see water disappear from stores that has already started.

Think about how much you need just for survival everyday, it’s a minimum of 2 gallons/per person/per day. Where would you put it????

So where do you stand? Sound off and post a reply……

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