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Northern Nevada Radio Archive now available

19 November 2014 / Category: Audio, Getting Started, News, NNP  0 comments

Recently, I added a link to our Northern Nevada Prepper Group Archive site. We started doing a weekly Ham Radio Net every Wednesday night at 2000 hrs PT. This Net is now heard and followed worldwide and it’s great to get information and discussion using one of our preps, the HAM radio.

Nevada Preppers Banner

Since this has grown in popularity, I decided to add it to the site so that we can share this information to more folks. If you go to the main menu, hover over the Nevada Prepper tab and a sub-tab will show up. Click on that and it will open a new page at the site. If you want to hear the Ham Radio show, just click on “Radio Show”. There are also archive downloadable information as presented on the NET for you to use.

Have fun and would like to hear if you like it!

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