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News for April 18-2013


A couple of things to mention

We have a new affiliate and we are happy to have them! Emergency Essentials has come onboard and we are glad to have them. They carry food and equipment for preppers, so give them a look.
Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Last weekend, we had the chance to use an old product for the first time. We presented a water filter-purification class for our local prepper group and were able to use a “poor mans Berkey” filter unit. Now the Berkey which we love does a great job and does more than this little unit, but if cheap, simple and effective static water filter is what you want, this is it. Cheaper Than Dirt has done it again with this unit which just needs two-5 gallon buckets to complete. The kit comes with the filter and spigot. This Static Filter Kit. It’s slow but it does the job quite well. CAMP-352




From the Gun Control Arena. Mr. Socialist President, you wanted a vote for Newtown, either up or down you said, you got it. Now stop wining about how the NRA did this. It was the people putting pressure on their elected officials that did this. I guess its like you didn’t build that business…… Piers Morgan said he would leave the country if this did not pass, Piers, can I help you pack? As our system dictates, bills were brought for a vote and the vote was taken. It is appalling to me that any US President would stand on the steps of MY white house and espouse crap such as he did yesterday. Oh he’s mad…..yea, as mad indeed! Move on you two socialist asswipes! obamagunloss

From our corner of the world, we have had snow, snow and more snow. The swales are built, the Toe Swale is seeded and covered but the main swale is not. We are so frustrated not to get this completed, especially when I have trees sitting in my garage, ready to go. But is does look like this weekend will be the change in the weather we need and we will get it done. I owe you guys video of the planting plan and a look at how we seed and cover the swales to protect them, that’s in the works! DSC_0006

Chicks are coming in less than two weeks and we will start them in the workshop area, yes I gotta finish the coop and run. That’s a May project.

Seeds are doing well and I will start building the first raised planting beds, about 500 square feet next week. This is planned and built with the hoophouse coming later to cover these beds to give us year round capabilties. We will be doing video of this and I think this will be a good one! We picked a hoop made in CA and added more bracing to handle the heavy winds we get a times. I am excited to do this since it will really be a game changer here at 6,000 ft elevation.

Couple things really came out of our local prepper group family camp. Deer Runner did a great presentation on primitive fire, he actually started the fire in less than two minutes with a bow drill. Now I have seen this done but never, ever this fast. He knows what he is doing and had one of our preppers start theirs as well! Also Stephanie with our group presented essential oils. Wow, did I love that. She did a great job and I need to get an interview with her for you guys, it’s just a great product for the prepper. They even have a “Preparedness Kit” in their line. More to come on both of these. Firemaking5

Enough for now, we are working to bring more of what you want to see and know! Later….


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