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News and Homestead Updates for Monday – March 25 – 2013


SWALE TALK: So this week will be very busy getting the swales in their final forming. Once we cut them in, the soil is just piled onto the downside of the slope to create the planting portion of the swale. The nicely piled up and broken up soil must be formed into the shape that YOU want them to look like. So shovel and hands do the rest, along with my tractor to help some additional grubbing out for clearances.2013-03-20 15.40.20

I posted up some photos in a file called SWALES so that you can see what we are doing. There will be video that I need to work on for you but that will have to wait until until I get the swales completed to a point since we have rain forecast for Sat-Sun of Easter Weekend. This event would be perfect once the swales are formed, seeded and then covered with straw and wood chips. I also need to get some areas seeded with a native grass blend to help the soil heal and hold any erosion back.

Our first trees will be coming on the 6th of April, the same time I will be taking my first grafting class so that I can produce more trees myself. I think this skill is excellent for long term propagation of trees and even tomatoes! They are doing what they call super-tomatoes here, they are grafted onto rootstock hardy for the area and the plants are supposed to be larger and produce much more than any other method. Grafting would be a great skill and now would be the time to find a class near you.

Bones Dises Preppers: We like the TV show Bones, quite entertaining and I like the science crap as well. bonespreppersSo in the last show which we DVR to watch when we want to, they show involved preppers and murder. Preppers are of course “Wackos” and “Nuts” and we all live in 1/2 mil dollar bunkers. This show pained me to watch as they talked about preppers as a close knit group that would defend each other to the death and they don’t trust the government. Well at least they got the last part right.


BAD LAW! In other news here locally, if you live in Nevada, you need to raise your voice in opposition to AB 234 and SB 396 which some gun grabbing looney tune wants to ban this and that again. I cannot figure these guys out, other than they need to seek medical attention and be issued a coat who’s sleeves tie in BACK! If you have any of this garbage going on, send emails, call the elected officials and just make noise. At the end of the day, these people only care about keeping their jobs. But unless we kick the corral so to speak now, we have nothing to bitch about later. So just do it!

Monstanto Rules the Day! So since the Obama administration put a former high placed employee of Monsanto in charge of the FDA, we get the crap from the corporate world. Now I don’t think ALL corps are bad but these guys are the worst. They litteraly want to rule the entire world and control the food. With GMO’s, that IS possible. gmotomatoesWhen the only food we grow is dependent on their fertilizers and weed and pest remedies, the world looses. Monsanto now has a law that protects their corporation from any suits or other legal action. If this is not proof that a large corporation can control parts of the government, I don’t know what it.

As preppers and Homesteaders, we need to raise our own food and by that I mean open pollinated food. NO GMO! No roundup and weed killers that actually destroy crops. Take your lawn clippings after mowing from your lawn where you use a weed and feed on it. Put it in your garden bed and plant vegetables, guess what, they will die because of the contents of the weed and feed. And we use this crap all over the place not just each of us but professional lawn care folks because unless it looks good, they don’t get paid. We need to grow our own, pure food that we can save seed and replant next season. You eat every day so more food and less ammo would be my motto.

Lastly! It’s a new week, so make plans, set goals and just DO IT!!!

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