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New Flock-New Coop

27 May 2015 / Category: Animals, Homestead, Skills  2 comments

Growing anything generally means you need more room

Well it’s no different with chickens. We started a new flock of the size we wanted long term. So I built a new coop, similar to the old one but larger with a larger run. Our new flock is designed for 30 birds, currently we have 27. The old birds will be kept until they don’t produce and then they go to the stew pot.

The old coop will be kept for meat birds when we decide to do them. I think first group will be 25 just to get the hang of the process and not to many for us to process come recoginiting day.

But here is a look at the coop, sorry for the wind but I tried to do this one down, dirty and quick.

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2 responses on “New Flock-New Coop

  1. Matt Coghill says:

    Great, easy idea. Yeah I’d like to see them pallet coops get reused for more practical purposes after the birds. Lol. Great set up. How do your bucket heaters work and hold up??



    • Vic says:

      Well I took them apart after we moved the flock and stacked em up. It was simple to put together, kind of a Duh moment. I needed a quick bench in the garden area and didn’t want to use a good table so I put one together. You can just keep re-tasking the damn things as you need to, getting to like having a couple stacks around!
      The waterers with the bucket heaters at 250 watts did fine until we got really cold and stayed cold. The nipple freeze and we did get a thin layer of ice in the bottom. I just changed one heater to a 1000 watt heater made for a plastic bucket.
      I had someone else ask this question and I will post up once I see how it works with all the info.

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