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Looks like Monsanto’s BT Corn has gone a Rye….


So the great Corp called Monsanto has done it again and our government is not much help.

At least they are no help to us, the public that has to eat it and deal with the consequences. So the “Chaos Theory” that subscribes that all life, no matter what is done will find a way to procreate and endure, is alive and well.

So when bugs start finding out how to get around the Monsanto self insecticide generating corn, we are dumbfounded. This is the very reason we must resist Monsanto and their plan to help us all. We need to be planting our own food with good seed that has not been alerted by man.

I am reminded of a 1950″s film of giant ants, the result of man’s tinkering with that which he should not. Here is the link the article out today.

Fix the soil, plant the land and flourish!! There is no other way.


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