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Have you, or are you looking for the perfect piece of property for your homestead? We are and it’s a very interesting journey. We are looking to get out of the Socialist State of California and want to relocate to the Nevada area. Yep, that may sound a little crazy to some, but to us it’s the perfect place to keep our our friends and family close and reestablish the freedom we have lost in CA.

We are up in the Sierra mountains tonight, starting another Saturday of searching for the right property with our priorities roughed out. As we move forward, I will post the things we find interesting and share the process, maybe this is your plan one day.

In starting to look, we have narrowed the things we find important to us. And now that we are looking in ernest, we are molding those items and finding some are moving higher on the list. Our latest list of priorities:

  • Private Well  (we will control our own water)
  • NO HOA!  (we do what we want with our property)
  • Propane  ( a fuel we can store indefinitely)
  • Wood or Pellet Stove  (Pellet has the edge for now)
  • 2-3 acres minimum  (max about 10)
  • Good to Great Internet Speed  (hey, it’s what I do)
  • 2-3 Bedrooms
  • Prefer it backs up to BLM land  (nobody builds behind you)

When you look at listings, it’s amazing how…creative….agents will get. It looks nothing like the property you saw and the description is just like that great book someone put’s up on facebook…you get the picture. So in two previous days, we looked at area’s and some are out of the question either by price, location to problems or lack of items on our list.

There are so many short sales and foreclosures that it boggles the mind. It’s rare when the ad reads “normal sale”. For now, we keep our heads down and our agent looking hard…More to come!


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