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Large Volume Water Storage


One of the items on our homestead to do list is a plan for Large Water Storage, that is….more than one or two months supply. If you are in an apartment of townhome, you will probably have to stick with water barrels. In the suburbs with even a small backyard, there is the possibility of more storage. Now most of us want the “storage” to look more like the landscape than a big ass plastic tank. I have found this site, that has great ideas for storage and ideas to make then look like they belong there. Oasis Design

Now this information was passed along from Neil Bertrano with our Northern Nevada Permaculture Group. Neil has been a great source of information and has consulted with us on our Gardanimal area… Yep our name for the animal-Garden enclosure. We will be looking into this, possibly a 5000 gallon tank minimum for us. We will be calculating the per person needs, 2 gal/day and then the animals and garden as well. Could we get a year supply? Maybe.

Along with that resource, here are a few more:


University of Warwick

Colorado EDU

Just a few ideas for long term-large water storage. Water is after all, the most important survival item on your list!

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