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Interswale Pasture Grass

12 November 2013 / Category: Drought, Food, Gardening, Homestead  0 comments

We need to change the area between the swales to hold soil, push out thistle and establish a pasture area.

This area is just covered in thistle, mainly because it’s the only thing that will grow there and is prevalent now. We are not sure what we want this area to be in the future, but for now we want to get a dry pasture grass established and start reclaiming this area. So we went with a seed mix of 4 Wheat-grasses. All of which do well in dry climates with little water. We already have some established on the other end of the swale area and now will expand it to everywhere we can.

So here is some video on what we did, this gives us a starting point and we will review what happens in the spring.

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