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Iceberg Survival….Yea you heard right!


So I have decided in 2013 to post things that fit the funny, weird or insane when I find them. I wanted to make some smaller posts with things that we can all marvel at or just have a laugh.

So here goes!

Found this on a calendar. How to survive if you’re stranded on a Iceberg. Now, how did I get my butt here in the first place you asked, I have no idea.

Man on Iceberg
So they suggest that you Construct a Shelter. With what? Cut the very thing you are floating around on with what? Oh you forgot your snow saw, well shame on you.

Next, Melt Snow and ice to make drinkable water. Again, with the cooking kit you had along? Do you know how long it takes to melt snow and ice and how much it takes to make one cup of water? Lot’s and Lots’ folks.

Now they suggest you cross icebergs and head for land. Now why didn’t I think of that, although I wish I had been better at the long jump….

For food, catch fish and seabirds. Use your ski pole……fishing rod or walking stick. So ladeda, ladeda I was just out on a day hike and fell on this iceberg, glad I was going fishing on my hike… Guess I will like sushi and raw seabird, mm mm good. Now what wine goes good with both fish and seafood, you wouldn’t want to bring the wrong wine. Maybe a Guinness?

And now, they suggest that you look for seals….You may be able to steal their food. Only kill them if your really hungry and your life is at risk and use a club…..hmm clubbing baby seals eh? Also you can melt their fat and make oil for your lamp. And last but not least, they suggest burning the seal hide to make a smoke signal for rescue. Now if the seal looks a lot like mike tyson, you may want to rethink this…

So I remembered to bring my fire kit, some pots and pans, a can to make a candle from, fishing pole or ski pole….or my whole bug out bag. Who wrote this calendar piece, Bear Grylls!

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