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How we Prep Survey results!


I have to apologize for taking so long to get the results of this out. The move has taken it’s toll but we are getting back on track and moving forward!

So the results are interesting, we had asked 4 questions;

  1. How do you plan your purchases of items for your Food Storage or General Goods Storage?
  2. What is your budget for purchases each month to your preparedness?
  3. What do you use to decide how far your food storage will last you and/or your family?
  4. What is your largest hurdle in getting more done on your preps?

Lets’ start with #1.

  • 43% replied;    We plan what we will buy monthly based on our budget.
  • 34% replied;    I have a handwritten list that I put together.
  • 17% replied;    It’s all in my head and I know it when I see it.
  • 4%  replied;     I use a list that someone else put together

So it looks like most of us are checking out our budget, making a list and oh yea, checking it twice…… Based on how lousy the economy is right now, this makes perfect sense. It also falls in line perfectly with doing the “copy can” method of stocking up. We use the copy can method for short term storage, that is 6 months. In your normal shopping, just add a can of this and that to your list, especially if it’s on sale. As you build your storage, keep track with our Food Storage Checklist. You can also plan on purchases such as commodities such as toilet paper and possibly emergency food for your 72hr bag or whatever else is next on your agenda.

Next, #2. Now this gets interesting.

  • 42% replied;  We have no budget, depends on how we feel.
  • 21% replied;  Usually spend under $100 dollars.
  • 21% replied;  Spend under $250 dollars.
  • 0%  replied;  Under $350 dollars.
  • 15% replied;  Over $400 dollars.

So most, have no budget and I would guess no plan, just play it from the gut and that’s good enough?!? Holy shit. Sorry but this makes me a little crazy and frankly pissed off. Ya gotta have a plan or you just end up with a pile of stuff in your living room. Folks, we gotta do better as to the first question. The dollars spent is what it is. Everybody is different, that’s the personal side of prepping, everybody WILL be different, that’s cool. So spend what your BUDGET allows, and by the way that’s the start of a PLAN. Do you jump in your truck and head west and hope you get where your going? NO way! So lets look at the bigger issue here, PLANNING. I have always been the advocate of prepping at YOUR pace, not the guy next to you who have unlimited funds and is SCARED to death. Plan slowly or quickly, it’s up to you, BUT PLAN. You should have master list of items, we have some to use, just click on the Free Info tab to get you started, from there it’s all personal. We recommend products that we use or endorse that will help you with choices.

Now, #3. This is GREAT!

  • 61% replied;  General idea of what we use every month.
  • 9%  replied;  Use a published list that gives me the amounts I need in lbs.
  • 23%  replied;  Use the total calories on a list that we track.
  • 4%  replied;  Just a good guesser.

Now this is encouraging! So with the largest percentage using their monthly usage, they are essentially “Copy Canning”. This is perfect for the first 6 months of storage and maybe a little more. Canned goods will keep quite long, depending on what they are. Now the answer that they use the total calories on a list, will have more idea on “How Long”. Knowing the calories gets you the most accurate data on your endurance. Runners look at their calorie intake, carb load and such when racing. They know that certain foods contain more of what keeps them moving and in the preppers case, ALIVE. So I encourage the purchases based on past history and calories in the food as well. Our food storage worksheet addresses both of those.

And last but not least, #4. Just as I thought!

  • 55% replied;  Money, Cash, Dinero and Pesos, just don’t have the dollars.
  • 15% replied;  Just don’t have the time to do it.
  • 15% replied;  I need to be more organized.
  • 15% replied;  Not sure what to start on first.

So we are all in the same boat. Cash baby, it’s what makes things happen. It’s been said that money can’t buy you happiness…but it helps! So to sum this question up, we don’t have time, cash, want to be more organized but not sure where to start. Well well now. We all have to start at the same place, it’s between our ears folks. The most basic tool for survival is your brain, don’t loose sight of that, ever! I listen to music when I do most posts, it drives me forward. This morning I share the desk with Mr. Jeff Healey. Blind guitarist that you have to hear to believe, this is inspiration. If a blind, white guitar player can become a start in the blues genre, you can prep…. Now lets set a small budget, first buy a small notebook and pencil, read this; Quick Start, read additional articles to see what the possibilities are. And of course, we are here for you and your family, email us with what you need help with at: Let’s all share what works for us and make our community ready for everyday events.


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