Skills and Gear for Self Reliance and Homesteading

All sponsors and advertisers: Please take note of the following: we take our recommendations very seriously and will always demand fairness from everyone.

In order to get the latest and greatest resources to our readers, we do take advertising. There is one stipulation, I MUST believe in your product or service and would recommend them to my closest friends and family. The item or service from the sponsor must give 100% satisfaction to the audience, we want the very best for our community.

I do take products to evaluate for free or reduced cost, but always remember that you will get my honest evaluation, no matter how much you are paying as a sponsor or to get an evaluation, it does not matter. We will always do our best to be fair and honest about products so they get a fair shake.

We are putting together a Sponsor ad area. We will also be allowing one sponsor to have their banner at the top of the site, to the right of our logo and a photo is currently posted. The size of this area is 728 x 90 and must be in that size. It can also be a link to the sponsors site or just a static ad.

Affiliate links will be off the menu bar, Sponsor banners will be on the right sidebar. Sponsors will always get priority over affiliate ads.

Rates are yet to be determined

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