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This page is dedicated to those who choose to cut out the middle man and go get the protein on their own. They HUNT, FISH or GATHER afield, and I don’t mean the grocery store! We don’t roam the isles bumping into others, trying to find the perfect steroid stuffed, caged tight, hormonal aberration of some sort of bird. We walk without others, watch the bird take flight and bring it down humanely. We offer a moment for the loss of life and the extension of another, it’s the way it was meant to be.

So comment or sign up and add to the page with your stories or ask questions.  Think of this page as just a couple of hunters sitting by the fire on a fall night!




Well, it looks like we are drawn for Colorado again this year. Last year was so good, not sure how we top it. Now of course, need to make room in the freezer.

Think of sharing your hunt with a young person, they are the future!




Colorado was interesting this year! The Snow was very strange, coming when we didn’t want it and not when we did. We certainly had our chances and my hunt partner and I took one bull, a 6X6 on the last Saturday. Blowing snow, 20 degrees and visibility about 100yds. The bulls we had been working for 3 days to get into range finally ran into us, they seemed to be just walking around as we were. It’s amazing how the hunt comes down to using all of your knowledge and skills to get your best opportunity and then it’s up to Mother Nature to decide if your worthy…. We passed up several shots that just were not ethical, I just don’t shoot 500yds and game that large. A wounded animal would just tear me up, I want it down and dead as quickly as possible.

The hunts are important to keep our skills sharp and our gear working correctly. There is a reason that they call it hunting and not killing… but it’s what the hunt gives us in woodsman-ship, time to think and reflect about things that are important that mean as much as bringing the meat home.

It cements friendship between hunting partners. This hunt, my partner decided to be a little selfish and I called him on it. We had some words but then we both talked about how the friendship means more than any elk ever could. I named the bull, “the friendship bull”. It took our friendship to a new level, a new understanding of each other that I will cherish a lifetime!




Well the season is just about upon us. I leave for Colorado on the 11th this year, one day later than usual. My hunting partner has moved this year and has yet to get propane connected to his house, good wife he has there! So I have put up a short video of a couple of things I am going to add to the hunt this year. Also will add another short video of two items you should consider if you budget allows.

I would love to hear about your protein adventures, just drop me a line! So here’s to hoping for bad weather and good hunting!


If you were thinking of getting some gear or hunting on horseback,

this video has several items I use.


Here is some video from the 2010 Season!

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