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Guns-Boston and my opinion!


Last week brought us attacks from several fronts, some we saw and one we did not!


I have held off saying anything on this because our “Press” does such a shitty job on reporting anything. They speculate, not report which makes it worse by far. But I have some observations as it relates to prepping in general.

In watching all of this, I think back on the ideas and predictions made by some in the preparedness industry. In some circles of preparedness and survival, when this kind of thing happens, there is chaos and the loss of the rule of law. Well, not in Boston and I don’t think we would have that kind of reduction in people acting like neighbors anywhere else. I am so glad to see what I believe will happen in this type of event or any other natural or most man made events, that is people helping each other and a community standing together, not apart. This is why I strive so hard to be “part of the solution” by getting involved in groups in our community such as CERT and ARES.


When this happened, you saw people who were not first responders, running TO the damage not away from it. You saw folks ripping barricades away and helping in whatever way they could. It was amazing to see how quickly help got to everyone. Our law enforcement did a great job in setting security, getting a command system up and helping right out of the gate. Now it’s true they had their resources mobilized in the field for the event, but to switch from keeping an event under loose control to securing a scene for a crime and emergency medical is quite the change in dynamics. I have to give a hat’s off to the people of Boston, those who serve the community and the community as a whole, WELL DONE!


Now on the the asswipes that DID A HORRIBLE JOB. Let’s talk about the news, if you can call it that. I have a real hard on for the press in general. Some argue they are the most powerful group in this country and some agree they are the most dangerous. The pure nature of what the press has made themselves into makes me sick. The old adage that “if it bleeds, it leads” does not fall far from the truth. But the speculation to the point that “someone is in custody” and they ARE NOT in custody leads me to wonder what use these folks are. Local news seemed to do the best job in getting information to the people. National news was another story.

From Alex Jones saying this was done by the US government to every alphabet network showing more self service than I have seen in many years. In the rush to be FIRST and have the EXCLUSIVE, they all got it wrong. I view the job of the news is to present the facts, nothing more. I don’t give a shit what party to lean toward or what right or left wing thoughts you may have, as a journalist, you don’t have an opinion. But I cannot and will not call anyone on the network news a journalist, they are nothing more than puppets and talking heads. So take them with grain of salt and watch their agenda.


So we thought we were going to have gun control up the wazoo last week and we ended up with nothing. Nothing but egg on the socialist’s president’s face and anger in his voice. OH he’s pissed folks, and that’s GOOD! This whole thing is just part of the socialist’s agenda, he has hated guns his entire life and this is just the manifestation of is. The law’s presented in the Senate are nothing more than not letting a good tragedy go to waste and push an agenda that gives more power and control to the government than ever before. Folks such as Schumer and Feinstein have been trying to do this for years. They want an unarmed society, a public that cannot fight or defend themselves, not on my watch.


I think we need to change the name, but the press has coined it and made it their agenda as well. And let’s face it, they love, love, love this empty suit president. Instead of gun control, it should be called Liberty Control! The end result is the loss of personal liberty, freedom of choice and the balance of power that our founding fathers new, must be enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. But for this president and many in Congress, that document is the problem. For them, if they could just rewrite it or “fix it”, they could support it. And this they have tried for years and years. From this point forward, I will not call him “president”. For me, he has not earned it and has soiled that office he currently sits it. But we will not have another term for this wimp, we simply need to survive the “Now”.

This Socialist, after Newtown asked for a vote, up or down, he said the American people, the parents of Newtown deserved a vote. And a vote is what he got. NOW, that wimpering asswipe says “it was a sad day for the Senate”. This is Socialism at it’s finest. Just keep voting and pressuring until you get the reduction in Liberty you really wanted… This is a REPUBLIC Mr. Socialist and we have basic rights that are not up for negotiation.


But lets look at the lie that was told by ALL. The lie was that the backround check proposal would keep another Newtown from happening again. The Truth was that a backround check would not have prevented the crazy kid from getting a gun since he killed his mother and took hers. LIE, LIE, LIE! These Newtown parents are paraded around thinking they are doing something to prevent another one? Now as a parent, I cannot fathom going through something like this so I do believe they think they are doing something good. Probably because of all the good folks their in washington telling them so! Even the idiot Bloomburg running around the country with his message of love, we will save you from yourselves, NOT!


That 900lb gorilla in the cage (the anti-gun forces) seem to be able to use their pixy dust to infect more and more people that the lie they keep telling IS actually the truth. That there is no real 2nd amendment and you have nothing to fear. Ahhh yea we do. What I fear is that politics and corruption seem to go hand in hand. We have politicians and no Statesmen any longer which changes the game from servant to overlord. The press is the 2nd most dangerous here given they can stream into our houses 24/7 with the bullshit lies. We MUST be ever vigiliant to these and make noise to our elected representatives. And we do have term limits, it happens every few years, it’s called an election.

Thanks god we can make changes now, using the law and making our voices heard….LOUDLY! We are the government!


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