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Good Day – Bad Day!!!


Just a quick post on a day I normally Enjoy!

I never get tired of hearing about a great man. Today we two celebrations, an inauguration, and the holiday of a great man, but we have to keep our eyes on the ball. Today our nation has a tradition that I love of inaugurating a new president, because this is how our great nation installs the new leader every 4 years. However, today “The Ball” as i mentioned is not the installation of a new leader, but is the remembrance of a great man. This man, Dr. Martin Luther King, was just that, a great man with a great vision for ALL MEN. Dr. Martin Luther King

Do not confuse the two black men. I do every day of my life as Dr. King says…“Judge a man by the content of his character than the color of his skin”. Such a great idea, such a role model. Rest in Peace Dr. King, you have done this country great service by opening our eyes and hearts to each other.

 As for the other event celebrating one of my country’s greatest traditions, I look back at the first inauguration of George Washington (photo below).  It amazed me to this day to see early photos and paintings of how we started and now, it’s a political event. But I cannot watch television today or tomorrow. Should I watch, it will cost me dearly, and I mean in real dollars. I would take a baseball bat to my TV when that socialist speaks. He only talks of division, that between my government (us) and the elected officials. Of dividing people by classes and turning one man on the other, in reducing the freedoms that our founding fathers enumerated, but also those who have died defending those principals. I cannot stand an abomination, and he is just that. So I salute my country’s tradition and pray for it’s future. First Presidental Inaguration George Washington

A future, if in the hands of Dr. King, would have honored each other and ourselves. So stand up and honor the man on this day and please watch the other one very closely! And God Bless the United States of America!!!

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  1. Vic that was an incredible story I enjoyed reading it and all your other post. Keep up the great work and congratulations to your 49ers

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