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Giving Tuesday! Giving to our community.


As consumers, we often fall into the “season of buying”, with all the hype of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and getting the best deals. Pushing and shoving to get into the stores to follow the prescribed tripe of buy, buy, buy. Retail such as this, in my opinion has become an animal that feeds upon itself and it injures people. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that business is what this country was founded on, but one aspect of our great heritage gets left out quite often, Charity. Often we leave that “TO OTHERS” including our government to deal with.

With the three day shopping binge out of the way, another day has been targeted to give back to the community, Giving Tuesday! Now at first glance, this looks like charity hype on a national scale. I see from their website that they have a couple of professional fundraisers, this bothered me a little but I wanted to push forward and see if this had any legs at all. It does, but I think better on the local level.

In almost every religion on earth, there are provisions for helping the needy and giving back to others, the “Reap as you shall Sow” concept. Now I believe in this without a doubt. Those who will take, and never give back, will gain nothing or have nothing of substance. So what can we do and how does this also go with prepping? Well it does quite well.

We put up food and stores for hard times, SHTF or TEOTWAKI, take your pick. We also understand there has to be some of our stores for giving, your not going to let your next door neighbor Edda, at 70 go without food. A portion of our stores is understood to be just for this scenario. So we as preppers need to take this into account but there is also another side of this we don’t see. When we give back to our community, we are giving to local needs where we can see the money at work. We help our community do more, do it better and in more ways. Time or money given is often shared without action to other organizations or people and that spreads like wildfire doing good things where we didn’t expect it.

John Kennedy once said in the infamous line “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. I prefer to rewrite that, changing the country to community. Local is almost always better! Support your local businesses, organizations and neighbors and you will see the changes, positive changes in the future.

Giving Tuesday website has lot’s of ideas for organizations that need help, they also have a search if you are interested in a particular area. If you don’t feel compelled with one of those, look around town to see what or who needs a little help. And help can be you giving yourself or donations. Every supermarket has a drive going, help that. Toys or tots or packages to your local National Guard that deployed…….

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