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Food News Makes it a top priority, get busy folks!


Interesting news on the world front and here at home, make getting your food stores up a higher priority.

Since man started harvesting food and planting seeds, farming has been the most basic of occupations for some, and a personal necessity for others. We used to hunt and farm for all of our food, not so much nowadays. But the basic right to eat unspoiled, unaltered food is a right and simple to do.

New news being given the light of day from the International Times,,  this article presents the facts that the large corporate giants like Monsanto and Dupont,  have been buying up seed companies. For the past several years, they have been quietly buying seed companies. Monsanto for one has bought up some 50 seed companies since 1998. The goal obviously, to control food and agriculture!

A second article and short video from Channel 13 out of Wisconsin, In this story, students of FFA (Future Farmers of America) are trying to raise awareness about farming and the future food supply. I found it interesting that at the bottom of the article, the FFA young members feel we need to get Food Scientists and Geneticists, to alter the food supply to maximize production. Through this we get genetically modified organisms in our food, so corn is no longer corn. Monsanto must love this. Best of intentions, but have they been indoctrinated to “better seeds to help the world” line? This is without a doubt, the slippery slope from which we do not know the health consequences.

The last point is that we are all aware of the cost of groceries. The following is from the world food chart, and showed the main commodities that have risen since last year and they will continue to rise as the economy stalls.   Wheat has risen 69%, Corn 73% and Sugar 21% to name the forerunners. Try to buy a pound of coffee nowadays!

SO, we all need to get our food preps moving along, store what you eat and eat what you store should be your guideline. If you need some help putting them together, go to our FREE INFO page and get the pdf for food stores. Make a list for one month of what you eat and then adjust the food storage list for your family and make a plan. Time spent now will pay for itself later. Feel free to contact us for more information or a helping hand.

Take Care-Vic



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