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Executive Order and the DPA of 1950


Well the Friday Document Dump raised some eyebrows. There seems to be a lot of worry about something we should not put so much energy into. The fact is, Obama is only doing what just about every president has done since 1863 when then President Lincoln dumped “The Emancipation Proclamation” to the world as an “Executive Order”. Let’s look at the order last Friday. section 702 of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2152

The executive order from the White House only brought the law passed by Congress as HR9176 at the beginning of the Korean war, into current terms as to the departments and authorities as they stand today to meet the measure of the law. Harry Truman’s first executive order for the law was to meet the national security needs of the united states during times of war. Periodically, the document must be redirected to current resources and departments to ensure a plan is in place sh0uld it be needed. Folks, it’s been around a long time and it has never been used to take someone’s farm or water or possessions, not in the name of this law. Has our government overstepped it’s authority, you bet you ass it has, just not here. Here is the Report to Congress about the DPA back in May of 2009. The Report.

So I want everybody to calm down and stop the drama around this. Executive Orders are normal stuff, Clinton did it, Bush did it. Both sides of the isle know about the DPA and have addressed it to keep things organized, or at least as organized and our government gets. Now before you jump up and down and wonder which side of the fence I am on, I am on the right correct side. My views are libertarian in fact, I actually dislike both existing parties, the Democrats and Republican’s are the same damn thing from my perspective. I think our government is going to do whatever it wants, we need to spend our time making our lives more independent, self sufficient and with as much Liberty as we can stuff in a gunnysack! Do for yourselves, your family and your community and to HELL with worrying about what some TOOL in Washington is doing. Folk’s, if they want your stuff, they will just take it, so let’s concentrate on the important things.

So the Tools we have in the District of Criminals has updated a law that needs it from time to time so that it can work if needed. Are they preparing us for an attack on Iran or Syria, maybe. Oil shortages, maybe. Ask yourself this, what can I do right now to change this from happening? Not a damn thing and you know it. Outside of raising our voices to make sure they understand we will not stand for this as “Peacetime Marshall Law” and taking things from it’s citizens, nothing will change them from implementing it if them deem it so. What we need to do, is not rely on them for less each day, week, month and year. Without us asking them for “Help” like small children, becoming more self sufficient takes the Liberty and control back from them.We can learn what “might happen” and prepare to be immune from it. Think back to WW2, our entire country let the government do what it needed by having IBM made BAR’s for the war, we rationed everything to make sure we could win and protect our country. Without that from the people, that war would never have been won. When the giving becomes tyranny, well we have the second amendment for that, and let’s hope to god it never comes to that.

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