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Election Thoughts-


Coming down to the last couple of weeks, I am weary. Being in a battleground state (Nevada) makes it worse! I have seen the bumperstickers that call for you to kill your television, the do have a point. I never thought I would be GLAD to see another car commercial but I am.

If there was any doubt that we had another large economy right now, they were correct, the election economy. So much money is at stake and in motion due to the huge costs these campaigns generate, and for what. We have two candidates, that according to polls (best guesses) have them neck and neck. One guy (the socialist) has done almost nothing he said he would and the other has his list of promises (the crapitalist). It speaks volumes for the two party system, one that must change for our Republic to endure.

So we have two candidates, neither one has the full support of the government (we the people). As I see it, we as a country don’t really like either one of them enough to clearly finalize the election. We will be waiting for the results for days maybe since recounts and challenges may ensue. I have and still am a Ron Paul supporter. My belief is that we will never get this country back until we think outside the booth and remember our forefathers warnings that we the people, need to keep the republic.


The one true thing that we can do is to ignore these bums as much as possible and make our lives better, ourselves. We make our happiness, we cut and stack the wood and we grow our own food. This should stand more as an affirmation of our personal sovereignty and less on which ringmaster we put in the white house.

Now What are YOU going to do?

Godspeed to us all!

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