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Doomsday Preppers – Sept 3, 2013


So this week, we have another 3 committed preppers, WW3, Avian Flu and Economic Collapse.

First up this week is Alex Dunbar. Alex is a retired Marine who lives off grid in Colorado Springs on 320 acres. His closest neighbor is about 3 miles away. Alex is preparing for World War 3. His feeling is that this will be caused by either China, S. Korea or the Middle East and people will become animals. Robbing and looting will ensue with people will not be able to get out of the way.

Alex Dunbar 1

Alex feels that his training in the Corp with dogs, lends itself to his plans. He feels that dogs are better than soldiers. He is training dogs for patrol, hunting, alarm, companion and many other tasks. He works with his German Shepard’s daily to get them ready to perform when the balloon goes up. He has his platoon (22 dogs) in their own houses with Bear, as his lead dog. He also speaks Slovak to the dogs so they can’t be turned or fooled easily. His platoon wears GPS collars which he can track with a handheld unit so when moving, he know where his “Troops” are.

His obstacle course is used for constant training as well as full contact bite training. He also teaches dogs bomb detection among other specialized services. Each dog has had long Titanium teeth surgically installed to increase damage done during a bite. If you were wondering what they eat, it’s grains and yak meat that he cooks 100lbs of each week for the troopers.

Titanium Dog Teeth

His FUTURE plans are to raise yak for meat, rabbits and other animals. He lives in a very small cabin and has housing units for each dog. From what we saw, he has no garden, water storage, fencing or gate. There was a river nearby where he draws water from, he is shown drawing a gallon jug from the river and then drinking it.

The GOOD and the BAD:


  • 320 acres is a very large size retreat with many possibilities
  • Water source nearby
  • Hunting for food is right at hand
  • Cabin to live in looked adequate
  • Future plans are encouraging

The BAD:

  • The lone wolf is not a good plan, ever
  • No plan such as a garden to replenish food supply
  • Water from a river. No purification process to insure water is free of everything. There is always someone upstream, so the days of using running river water and considering it safe are over
  • No mass water storage tank or supply
  • No fence or gate to reduce intruders
  • Surgically implanting teeth in your dogs, really

In Conclusion: The one thing that strikes out at me is the Lone Wolf mentality. Wolves hunt in packs, they seldom survive alone. Considering your dogs better than soldiers to me, is a bigger issue. No human contact or partner on this project is going down a wrong path. Humans are social animals, without that contact we tend no to do well. As for putting titanium teeth in your dogs, that is just as wrong as can be. Animals are to be treated with respect, as we would. I would never even consider this, he must like GMO food! I am concerned we have a Marine who is not relating to society in a good way, it’s one link in a possible larger problem. If this is the case, we owe this Marine all the help we can give him, to make sure he is ok! My largest concern in all we saw is the singular focus on security, to all else being on the back burner.  And once again, I cannot figure out why the “practical prepper experts” would ever give him 12 months, its just stupid.

Next up is Brenda McSwigan. Brenda lives on her 10 acre retreat in the Appalachian mountains, 30 minutes from town down an very basic dirt road and she is preparing for an Avian Flu Pandemic. That epidemic would last about 18 months and has about a 60% death rate. She lives with her animals consisting of 3 horses, a goat, three cats and two dogs, oh, a pet squirrel. She also has the “Carrier of Death”, chickens. Now she is a devout animal lover and as she states, would never harm an animal.

world pandemic

She views the chickens as the “Carrier of Death” since they can carry the H5N1 virus. She points to the one case that showed that the virus can be transferred to humans as the main reason. With the help of a local vet, she has the vet bring a quick test kit, called “vet scan”,  for the virus that can be done onsite and quickly. It is similar to a pregnancy test and matches color to a sample. The vet shows how to get the sample and complete the testing. Her Rooster tested clear and with that completed, she could continue to get egg production from the birds. Here is that test link: Vet Scan

h5n1 map

She has another plan, that includes what she calls her “Strike Team” and “Task Force” . It includes a Hunter and Security expert, a Nurse and a Farmer. These make up here “Team” and the goal is to help up to 21 folks displaced by the epidemic. She has cots, water and food for one year, for all of them. Not a lot of food per day but some for all. She has setup a triage area, isolation area and general living quarters on the property. The Hunter/Security guy does not like the idea of bringing outsiders into the retreat, but it’s not entirely his call.

Bird Flu

The GOOD and the BAD;


  •  Her food supply of one year is substantial
  •  Protocol for the Avian Flu is very good
  • Helping those worse off than we are is just good Karma
  • The location is hard to get to and not easily found
  • Water is close by
  • Hunting to add to food is available

The BAD:

  • Food. All of it is in filing cabinets and boxes. There is no rotation of food or dating of products
  • She won’t harm an animal, but she will not stop anyone from hunting for her?
  • She has one water purifier, if it breaks, she has no other option
  • Water storage, there is none and she should be storing thousands of gallons of purified water
  • More gardens to produce as much food as possible
  • Additional security if you have guests, video from the group house to the main house

In Conclusion: She has a plan for an Avian Flu Pandemic and I like the premise. Bringing folks into their retreat; not so much, but just  having the means to put people up, test them and offer aid to her fellow man. I, like the hunter do have security concerns. First, you know nothing about these people other than they appear to be nice and are clear of the virus. It’s the “whatca don’t know” that can kill you faster than H5N1 can. Help, could be a checkpoint that offers a medical check first, if clear and bed for the night, meal and clothing. They may need clothes and personal items that would be of greater value to them. Then a days rations to help them on their way. After that, if you feel you have someone you WANT in the group, you make them an offer. I would be looking for those folks who can increase the groups value. A doctor, dentist, handyman or something that you could use to help the group or help those who come by. In all, she has the makings of a nice setup, even if the pandemic never comes, it’s a nice place to just: be.

Next up is Grace McLeod. She is preparing for a Total Economic Collapse. This would generate shortages of everything and would lead to mass rioting and panic. She feels that gangs would take over and they would prowl everywhere for food, water and a place to sleep. She and husband Craig, live in North Carolina at a secret location. Their place is located on the top of the mountain, so they have a great look down at any attackers, also a pretty nice view. Craig built a draw ladder that can be raised to keep unwanted visitors to helping themselves to anything. 

Ncarolina hilltop

Graces idea is to help those in need as the Bible tells her after the collapse. So she plans on opening her Conex containers to those in need and run a soup kitchen and supply of sorts. Each Conex has shelves and is stocked with food and supplies. The Conex’s are located down the road from the house on a landing and are also partially buried in the hillside.  After retiring from Florida law enforcement, she followed what the Bible told and moved her to do. They have plenty of heavy equipment to do construction and maintenance tasks themselves, as well as block roads if necessary. There was a well on the property with one pressure tank which would be the normal remote property water supply. Power comes via overhead lines up the hill.

economic dollar collapse

They hired a Security Company come out and assess their location and offer advice. They found doors with hinges on the outside where they could be removed. They also took Craig s trail cameras and made connected to a mobile monitor. They can then be used for locating threats and staying safe. They also did a mock assault with several bad guys. They watched them visually using the trail cams and then intercepted them. The final scenario has one guy who is picking up a store of food left for them, the store is just outside the main house. The person is challenged through a window by Grace while she is inside with all of the lights on, holding an AR and the video monitor at the same time.

The GOOD and the BAD:


  •  The Bridge to the house is a great idea and it will help keep them safe
  • House has a great view and commands a good field of fire below
  •  Two large 8×20 storage containers give them lots of remote storage
  • Police training which will help her with people and situations in general
  • Craig being a 5 star general will help with maneuvers
  • Craig has built several things that will help them live out the problem
  •  2.5 Ton Truck for moving things
  • Trail Cameras hooked to video pad

The BAD:

  • Having a soup kitchen at the storage containers will never work well
  • There is no garden to resupply food or barter with
  • No water storage, just the well and pressure tank
  • Food supply, not sure how much they have stored
  • Gate the road to the house and road to the conex to limit visitor mobility
  • Do not have stashes on the property to help others, especially outside the main house

In Conclusion: They have a great setup that can be brought to its knees by the Soup Kitchen idea. Helping other is great but not ON your property. How bout an intercom and video at the main gate at the main road to communicate with those in need, don’t let them on the road to the house at all. Share with your neighbors first, they may help get stores to others more safely. Add water storage and a garden, they are set for themselves. If they don’t have a generator, and I really think they do, get one. Remember, the one thing that the airlines tell you when the oxygen masks drop, is to put yours on first, then help others. It’s the same for prepping. If you fall, nobody else gets any help that truly need and deserve it. Lastly, if you ever confront someone outside the window of your home, for god sakes turn the lights inside the home…OFF


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    I am looking for a job with a security company that advises peppers. Can you please give me the names of a couple? Thank you

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