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Doomsday Preppers Review March 6


To start this weeks review off I gotta bitch about something! Who thought up that stupid song, wow, what next from these idiots at NatGeo?

First up is Mike Mester from Georgia. He certainly has a huge house, over 4k square feet. His reasons for prepping make sense to me and I though his stores were very good. I did not see enough water in the program but I would guess he has that figured out. The trigger time was good since all the family was involved and getting the dogs involved with their training was a great add to security. Since they live in a community they would have the usual city services, water, sewer, power and gas. These services could be interrupted and he should have a plan B for that. I loved the shredding rolls for the fire and the military stove, great idea. We all need to try that out!

I did not agree with the “experts” advising him to get a bugout location. I just don’t believe in every prepper having a bugout location. Lone wolves don’t last long in the wild, packs do. In my option he would be much better off to get his neighbors into a community militia that would protect the community from attacks. I think they could fair well where they are if the put some added planning into effect.

Next was Preston White. Now I know there is some radiation in the atmosphere with some fallout, but let’s not get that out of porportion. Alex Jones was screaming to get your Potassium Iodate now! Oh come on Alex, sometimes your get it right, but here you don’t. My philosiphy is that “Prepping is Personal” and therefore if this is what Preston wants to prep for, go get em tiger! You have to follow your head, gut and heart when it comes to the why you do what you do. I liked his seed collection, It sounded like they were all seeds that worked in his growing zone. I think the tents were a waste of $$$. Why would you think a tent will stop radiation? If the fallout comes to rest on the top of the tent, it will continue to expose everything around it. The incident with him getting into a car, well that was just stupid and I am surprised he lived through it. That whole thing smells like bad fish in the summer…

Last but not least is Riley Cook. I liked the idea that the welding shop was building shelters. The design inside was nice. The had stocked up well on food and I would assume water. I did not see much in defensive firearms or tactics and with small kids that becomes harder to do. I would like to know more about the cart he built, that could be useful on a small farm or homestead when the power goes down. The trek to the shelter in that winter storm would be very risky if this was a real situation. First, leaving the protection of your home and becoming more venerable for several hours, well that’s pucker time for sure! Once they got to the shelter, everything seems to be fine and they settled right in. I think Riley could improve on that drive, that would help a lot.

So with another week down, we have three more stories in the library to look at, pick apart and see how to do it better or not. And of course the  NatGeo clowns have to add the song, as if they don’t try to exploit every prepper on camera for everything they can. But once again, we turn their ad selling reality show into a classroom where we can learn something, something to do or never to do.  Another good day above ground, make it a good day and keep moving toward your personal Freedom and Liberty daily!

**** Follow up from the last show, I did find out the information on Donna Nash from Utah on the Pandemic Kits. See the comments from last weeks review, I have put links there to her.

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2 responses on “Doomsday Preppers Review March 6

  1. Terrie says:

    I am basically writing to ask for help on getting started. I live in Texas outside of Austin. When my house burnt down, I rebuilt but not how I would have liked to. Meaning off the grid. I couldn’t afford solar panels but I did get a well built. No rain catchers because I couldn’t afford gutters plus the rain catching system. As I am stating this, I am thinking none of this would matter in a real crisis. My main question. Is how and what to do to get started on a very tight budget? This is a serious question. I use to stock up on dry and canned foods but I have a real hard time doing that. I am on my own with 2 kids. My third child is now serving our country. Any help or information would be great and appreciated. Sincerely,
    Terrie of Texas

    • Vic says:

      Let me first say, thank you to your family for their service and sacrifice. Not only do our soldiers lay it on the line, the families have to bear the burden in other ways. So it sounds like you wanted to be “off the grid”. That is harder to do as you have found out, the cost can be expensive. I would love to see if I can help you move forward, given where you find yourself. You mentioned that you have stocked up before on dry and canned goods, could you tell me what you have done for your preps and what you have in your stores?

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