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Doomsday Preppers Review-March 27th


Been a couple of weeks since we had an episode, guess they had to find more volunteers.

First up was Bruce Beach and his wife in Ontario Canada. Bruce’s preps are based on a Nuclear Exchange making us live underground until safe to be outside. He used 42 full size buses, 10,000 square feet, put together into an array of rooms, buried with earth and concrete. There were lot’s of corridors and rooms put together to have specific uses such as sleeping, kitchen and general living. They have called it “Ark 2”. Now there rule is that they only take kids, so if you go to the shelter with your kids, you may come back light on the kids part and fending for yourself. They also made up radiation kits for those who they cannot take in to help them stay out of dirty areas and monitor their exposure. They did have an interesting radio they put together and could use that for communications. Their stated goal is to help those who survive, rebuild society. Grand plan, if it works.

I think Bruce was genuine and although I think the threat of Nuclear War is minimal, the more likely event is one of Nuclear accident or a terrorist with one bomb. The Ark could be used for pandemic or global economic collapse quite well. I did not see much defense which seems non existent. In tough times, this could be the downfall if a group wanted to take over the habitat. Bruce had really thought most things out and his wife must be a saint to do this for all of the years it took to build it. The group of Arks was interesting, I want to follow up and see what they are doing. The radio was very cool and I want to get more information on how this was done and do a post on it.

Next up was Jeremy and Kelly and their concern was Peak Oil. Living in the burbs around Salt Lake, they seemed to be in a decent place on the edge of a burb with mountains close at hand. The did not seem to have a real plan for food storage and general store items to stock up on. The Hot Tub water they have was 450 gallons, at 2 gallons/day for each person, that’s about 3 months for the three of them. Running it through their Berkey Filter would make that water taste great. We use the Berkey Light and it’s outstanding for water purification and the water tastes great. Now the biggest thing was the Duece and a half with the container back, I like this one! I told the wife, hey where’s the checkbook! I think that was a good investment at $3,500. The multifuel is worth that million bucks you have heard about, in times of gas shortage it could save your life.


The animal antibiotics were entirely accurate. There are many fish antibiotics that are fine for human use. The only thing I can remind everybody is that the overuse of antibiotics can be devastating when they all stop working, so tread lightly here. I noticed that when the camera came back later they had done their 72hr kits/Bug out bags, they also did “get home bags”. I hear about the “get home bags” and just don’t get that at all. As far as I am concerned, your 72hr kit and Bug out Bag and your Get home bag is the same damn bag. Your 72hr/Bug Out bag should be in your car or with you at all times. Do one bag that does it all and save a ton of money, unless you want bags that do the same things. I will be doing a video on Bug Out/72hr kits to help stop this confusion and offer my point of view.

The last one was Bradford Frank, Dr. Frank from San Diego. His event was the Bird Flu transferring into humans. He again had lots of antibiotics, same issue as Jeremy with overuse. Dr. Frank was getting the stores complete with both food and General Stores items. He had lots of masks and gloves for this and that was great. I think Dr. Frank has his hands full with his wife and daughter. They have not bought into the prepper lifestyle and therefore create risks. She had some interesting stories about how real survival from the enemy happens. I did not see much water, I did see food. The mine idea he had will not work because of his wife and there is much work to be done to make it so.

I think these last two brought up and interesting question: If your going to Bug Out, where will you go? Think about it.


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6 responses on “Doomsday Preppers Review-March 27th

  1. art federico says:

    how do i mix the antibiotics with water ? its for us and our two year old daughter were new at prepping. we think something will happen soon. thanks …. art/ella /angel baby

    • Vic says:

      You can get two books to help you figure out the dose. Try Lippincot (sp) Nursing Drug Handbook or PDR (physicans desk reference). Most will be the same dose as the similar drug for adults or children.

  2. Craig R. says:

    I wish there was some way to get in touch with Jeremy and Kelly. That M35 Multi Fuel ehicle WILL NOT run on used motor oil. If they put used motor oil in the gas tank they will probably cause serious damage to the engine.

    • Vic says:

      I agree, I doubt NatGeo would help. I think they have what they want from them. Could you elaborate on the used oil? I, as other readers may have thought the M35 could handle that.
      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Vic says:

    If the Producers at NatGeo thought they could make a buck off the question they would have asked. Would be interesting to know if it was.

  4. Someone should ask Jeremy and Kelly of SLC on NatGeo’s Doomsday Preppers IF their “beast” from Desert Storm is contaminated with Depleted Uranium ?

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